GeaTravel S.A.

We would like to take the opportunity  too introduce you to our company by outlining a brief corporate profile on

the activities and services that we provide.

Gea Travel S.A. is a company established since 1996, and brings with it, a Management team and Staff with

over 27 years of collective experience within the tourism industry.
We represent successfully Touroperators  from the following  countries:  Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland,

Italy, France, Athens ( groups from  Australia, Taiwan, Japan)

Gea Travel S.A. Headquarters are situated in Heraklion, the capital town of Crete, and the branch office is in

Hersonissos providing service all over the islands of Crete and Santorini.

Our office is conveniently located near  the airport. We are situated in a modern office with 2 floors and ample

workspace for all our  Tour Operators and their representatives.

In our office we are fully equipped with, ADSL, fax, wireless Internet access, up to date desktop P.C.’s with printers,

IT support on call 24/7, photo copiers and stationary, modern furnishing and ample parking space surrounding

the premises.

We also work with  the latest state of the art booking systems to give our clients the best and fastest service possible.

We can offer a full range of products and services, from low cost budget travel to first class and business arrangements.


Here at Gea we believe in the value of giving the best cost efficient product combined with the best quality of

service possible, to satisfy the customers.


Our promise is in our name, Down to Earth, as ‘Gea’ is the ancient Greek word for Earth.

Pls  visit  our  Website:

What Gea Travel strive to achieve is:
1. To be number 1 for quality of service.

  1. To give the best hotel prices available.
  2. To quote the best Rental prices possible.
    4. To offer the most efficient transfer service.
    5. The best in client satisfaction.
    6. Excellence in conference organization.
  3. Problem Solving in the Resort.
    8. Efficiently organized excursions and tours.
  4. To quote the best Group rates

10.Powerful negotiation skills

  • Γραφείο Γενικού Τουριμού
Τ: +30 2810 286 136 Φ: +30 2810 289 662 E:

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